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Mark Weber & April Morse

Mark Weber and where it all started

Weber Company is a small cabinet company located in Lodi, California. Mark & Julius Weber started the business in 1972 and April Morse (daughter/granddaughter) has worked here since 2001.

We are truly a custom cabinet maker because we produce all of our cabinets and wood products right here in our Lodi shop. We also have an adjoining building which is where we finish all of our own cabinetry before it is installed.

Mark is very talented and skilled in the area of working with wood. He won the industrial arts award upon graduation of high school and is the best in his craft. You can catch him telling his fellow employees to, “build the cabinet like it’s going to go into your home. Quality and craftsmanship are always a high priority.” April helps in every aspect of the business including working in the shop. She prides herself on obtaining knowledge about how the cabinets are built and what it entails. She also measures and quotes jobs and loves to design the custom products Weber Company makes. April loves working with her dad Mark.

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