what i am thankful for

Since this week is Thanksgiving I want to list out what I am thankful for;1.  My two healthy boys 2.  Mr. Know-it-All3.  Mom & Dad 5.  Jesus who died for ALL OF US, to SAVE US6.  Music7.  The Bible8.  My father in law who says; "if you don't like April, then you are the one with the problem."  (Such a sweet man).9. My mother-in-law who makes stuff for me :)10. And last but not least; drum roll please.........LICORICEI can't get enough of licorice.  If the redvines company goes out of business like Hostess did last week I am truly in BIG TROUBLE!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and hopefully you can think of the things you are truly thankful for. your custom cabinet girl