we're trying to sell to the world!

Well we decided to frame a map of the world hang it up in the office and flag all the cities of the Williams-Sonoma stores we are in.  It seemed like a lot of stores and so far apart but when you flag it on a map of the world it begins to look small.  Nevertheless its still exciting and I am so looking forward to adding more flags to the separate people I sell the blocks to "around the world." 
By the way, (and when I tell you this you are not going to believe it cause I hardly can), I will be on aoljobs.com in an article about my story by the end of the week!  And.....if AOL decides to do so they will put it on their front page where millions of people will see it!  Crazy and I cannot believe I am writing this right now.  I am so excited I can hardly concentrate yet put together a sentence.  I want to mention the journalist Lisa Johnson Mandell who called me and interviewed me and graciously decided to pitch this story.  I am so grateful for the opportunity.  I am trying to get everything together on my the Weber's Cabinets website in order for it to be super easy for any one to order a wine bottle butcher block.  If you so choose, go to the following link;Weber's Cabinets, Inc. and you too can have one of your very own!  Later to all my wonderful blogging following peeps!  
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