website additions & wine and chocolate festival

I wanted to create more natural products for the home in storage solutions but also more than just cutting boards,  I have added a few new items to my website and wanted to show them here; Walnut Storage Box on WheelsI love this one because its all natural Walnut Lumber and its coated with pure mineral oil to bring out the brilliance of color.   Walnut CoastersI actually use these every day on my coffee table.  They are so pretty and each one is unique.  Just add pure mineral oil to them every once in awhile to bring out their beautiful color.   ToastThis is a fun one, your own set of 4 pieces of Walnut Toast!  I love toast and I know you would love these!   Let me know what you think of these new items.......and this Weekend Feb. 11th & 12th come to Housley's Century Oak Winery22211 North Lower Sacramento RoadAcampo, Ca 95220  for "Wine and Chocolate Festival"  I will be there with all of these items and more to sell!  your custom cabinet girl