thank you for all the blessings and encouragement

I have another order going out tomorrow for 25 more wine bottle chopping blocks and this time I didn't get to build them.  I have been in the paint shop and the office a lot.  Finishing cabinets to match is a little tricky, but I will get it soon enough.  
What a crazy day Saturday was?  I want to say thanks to all my "new" followers and those that have been with me from the beginning you have a special place in my heart.  It was a nice day of great encouragement I could not ask for more.  All the nice comments on my blog were so much fun to read!  And I even got some new ideas offered to me.  
Now I am off to the finish shop to primer a cabinet that is to be picked up tomorrow!  Everything seems to be up to the very last second.  Oh and I did get some orders this weekend!  One is in West Virgina, and another in Massachusetts!  And another in Minnesota.  What a great thing the internet is!
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