reinventing ourselves again........

I cannot get any credit for any ideas whatsoever I am just the vessel of God's perfect plan.  And He is in control.  I am just grateful for the ideas that Jesus brings to me at the most unlikely of times.   Like when I am asking for an answer to a prayer for something else completely.  Last Thursday I asked Jesus to please "let the phone ring off the hook with new jobs, please!"  The next day came and the answer was "no." But that is OK, because as I was cleaning out the cabinets in the office I came across an article about a guy who volunteered his time to teach kids woodworking skills.  Now first I wish I could volunteer my time, but for now I need to help feed my family.  So with a great idea from a special friend and coworker and a little article I came across I thought why can't we use this space of ours for woodworking classes for kids?  And when I looked up the concept there are fabulous companies out there to model from. 
This new venture for teaching woodworking is really a full circle for me.  When I first started doing all the books for the shop I will never forget my payroll accountant asking me if I took "accounting" classes in college.  Nope, I took a little math course called; "how to teach elementary students Math 1A and 1B."  I guess I didn't get my degree for nothing! 
Here is the plan for what is coming up so far;
Weber’s Cabinets Introduces Woodworking Classes
For Kids Grades K-6
6 Week Class or Summer Camp Only 98.00
Call to Reserve your child's spot *209-368-0703*
  6 Week Saturday Program

      June 4-July 9, 2011
4 Class Times to Choose From;

 Summer Camp Program #1

       June 13-17, 2011
2 Class Times to Choose From;

Summer Camp Program #2

      June 20-24, 2011
2 Class Times to Choose From:

Our woodworking classes will teach the safe use of hand tools and basic woodworking skills. With a series of projects the young wood workers will gain knowledge in measuring, fractions, design, craftsmanship, and much more!

Now lets book out the classes people!  your custom cabinet girl