only girl in the room

Today was so exciting and I was nervous like always.  I had a meeting at Stanford for all the preliminary cabinet stuff and I have to begin measuring the houses for cabinets. I was sitting in the meeting and we were talking and going over plans, and after about an hour I happened to look around the table................slowly I realized two things;1) I was the only girl in the roomand 2) I was able to go to this meeting and represent the company by myself I got a smile on my face...... its the little things...... at 37 years old, I feel I am beginning to learn how to represent the company in a way that my dad taught me how all of these years working for him and with him.   as I was leaving I took a photo of the progress of the houses.... And I loved the traffic going home.........the 2 1/2 hr drive.......and the bugs on the windshield were just a bonus.... I am not complaining, I am grateful, so grateful for the work.  I will be going back within a few days to start checking measurements so I can order cabinets and I cannot believe that I am at this stage.  Its here! I'm excited and I'm nervous........... your custom cabinet girl