new york gift show recap

Firstly I have to say my booth was the most pathetic looking.  I have to use the word pathetic because compared to the others around me, well here it is…..
 with the exception of my beautiful mom of course!
Secondly these are the booths around me…….
and across from me........ 
The most interesting questions/conversations;
“What kind of wood is this?” 
My answer; “North American Maple & Cherry Lumber”
“Well bamboo is the best.  I have all bamboo cutting boards in Both my homes” said the lady who never built a custom cutting board in her life.
Another funny one;
“Is this your first show?”
Me; “Doesn’t my booth look like its my first show?” 
We had a good laugh…. At my expense. 

And yet another funny one; 
“Don’t you sell barbeques?” 
Me; “NO!”
 And of course the question you all have been waiting for that I get asked at least once a week, “You don’t build these do you?”
Me;  “Yes I do.”
“No you don’t”
Me;  Yes I do” (Laughing, and really getting irritated)......I am NOT LYING!!!!
 Overall I had a wonderful time and was enamored with all the big buildings and lights I got to walk by every night on my way to the hotel because I was too tired to go out.  I need to stay a little longer next time or try vivran with a triple grande mocha to keep myself going for the extra fun!I will let you know on all the prospects as they come available.  Until then.... your custom cabinet girl