i need your votes.............

So we have Direct TV and we record our shows on TiVo.  And in the normal world you would decide what shows you want to watch and then set them up to record.  But, Oh....NOOOO.......not in my house, not on my TiVo.  Mr. Know-it-All has to monitor you and make sure that you are actually watching the shows you set up to record.  And if you are not watching your shows in a timely manner, he has a conversation or should I say "lecture" with you about using up too much of the TiVo "memory."  Did I say; Freak!!!
Now he opens up the list of recorded shows and goes over each one and asking; "are you going to watch _______? You are taking up all the memory in the TiVo and you aren't watching the shows you recorded."  Now I feel guilty if I ask to record a new show. 

So here's the deal, its between me and Mr. Know-it-All.  Who is right?  Does he need to be so possessive over the memory in the TiVo?  Does he need to make everyone else in the house feel guilty about wanting to record a new show?  Do I have to live this way?  Help me out people, he needs to be put in his place.  Check out the survey question to the left and VOTE!
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