While installing kitchen cabinets, the homeowners face a few challenges. The reliable cabinet makers in Lodi, California, can guide you on how to prevent those issues. We are also here to help you with the installation. Below, we have discussed the top five problems, along with the ways to avoid them.


The issue arises usually when we go for stock cabinets.The new product would be of different dimensions. This isn’t a case when you go for customized products. When you hire a custom cabinet maker in Lodi, California, you can be sure that they will have the same layout. There won’t be changes with base and sink.


If you place your cabinets on sloped surfaces, you might experience some challenges. First, the door swings improperly. Second, the cabinet doesn’t look good. This happens in many cases. Avoid such situations by starting from the highest point in the layout. Shimming up a cabinet is easier when compared to lowering the high spot.


The countertops with molded laminates have the issue of lack of “square.”  A large gap is often seen between the wall and a molded backlash of the countertop. If you are getting your cabinet from a reliable professional, you won’t face this issue.


This is another issue that homeowners face. You can correct it with shims. If you place the cabinet faces in the same plane, you will get a clean look. Many individuals use cabinets of different depths and heights to fix the problem.


We hope these solutions will make the installation more efficient. This is why people seek professional help when installing the cabinets. And, it is also safer to hire professionals. They have all the safety equipment and know possible issues that might arise.


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