It all started in 1972 when Julius and Mark Weber opened up their cabinet shop in Lodi, California.

Mark found out that his talent was in woodworking and building things.  At 19 years old he asked his dad Julius to go into business with him.  Julius was reluctant at first but then decided he would help his son.  For the first year they worked nights and weekends, and when the work became steady they officially opened and worked full time starting in 1972.  Mark had to figure out not only the building part (which came easy to him), but also the business part which was another job in itself. Running a business is additional work alongside your creative craftsmanship of building. 

Julius always said "create a high quality product at a fair price."  And he meant it.  Mark & Julius have always stood by their work and made their products like it was going into their own homes.

After 10 years Mark officially took over the company in 1982.   Julius always stayed around the shop and worked, (even coming in his wheelchair after he broke his foot), until May of 2008 when he passed away.

April Morse is Mark's oldest daughter and she started working at the shop in June of 2001.  Since then April officially took over the business in 2012, making this a third generation of woodworking and craftsmanship.  Weber Company has always stood by integrity of our product and we stand by our work.  We want all of our customers to be happy with their cabinetry and to know that it was built to last forever.