It’s thrilling to know our customers love the wine bottle shaped cutting board in Lodi, California. A lot of them ask us how to keep it clean and shiny. Well, there are several ways to do so.


One of the simplest ways is to use hot water and soap. After you wash the board, make sure to dry it properly. A clean dish towel will make the job easier. The wood boards get weak if it remains wet for long. That said, it is never a good idea to put your wooden board in a dishwasher. The boards get damaged with the intense heat of the dishwashers.


Many users also ask how to prevent issues like warping and splitting. The best way to do so is by applying a coat of mineral oil. Just make sure the oil is food-safe. Go for a premix of oil and beeswax if available online or at a store near you. Do the coating every two to four weeks. You don’t have to worry about the stains and odors anymore. This is applicable even to the heart shaped cutting board online.


A secret to keep your boards dry is to place them vertically on the edges. Placing them vertically reduces the chances of warping and splitting. This practice becomes more important for butcher-block style boards, which are thicker than the regular ones.


The best thing about wine bottle shaped cutting boards in California is you can sand and refinish them. There’s no need to buy a new one even if you notice nicks, grooves, and deep scratches. We offer these services and will make them like-new.


We hope this information will help you clean and maintain your boards without any issue. Feel free to connect with our team to know more tips and tricks around this topic.


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